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Editor of long texts with resources of organization of texts in folder and alphabetical order
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13 July 2007

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Writing has always been the cornerstone of human knowledge and it has over the years graduated from an art that was made on cave walls and tree leaves to texts that are generated on our computers. With the advent of mobiles and smartphones, a lot writing activity today takes place on these devices. Now if you have a Palm based device and were looking for a good writing utility then the HandWriter 1.0 just may work out for you. This software supports RTF text and thus your writing can contain blocks of different sizes and colors and it allows you to easily modify and develop your own letters blocks and tailor it as per your needs.

The HandWriter opens with a colorful and attractive interface. The software allows you to teach as well as in improve your handwriting skills in a fun and easy way. This software creates personalized hand writing worksheets and lessons in cursive and manuscript. The application also comes with a free trial for you to understand the application before you decide to use it on a regular basis. The software comes with an option of note making and it is quite capable of copying text as well as can paste the same on memos. The application is capable of editing very extensive texts and it text organization features too are also rather effective. In case you do understand a particular feature, you can also send in your queries related to the application to its developers.

The HandWriter 1.0 comes across as a very useful utility for Palm users and it scores high on its text organization features. The software earns a score of 3 rating points for its user friendliness and it capability to organize in both alphabetic and reverse alphabetic order.

Publisher's description

Editor of long texts with resources of organization of texts in folder and alphabetical order - A to Z or Z to A. To facilitate the use the texts are presented in two ways:
Editor - for write
Reader - for reading without modifying text
It has option of note for each text. It copies and he glue texts from Memos and contrariwise. For palm colored or black and white.
Version 1.0
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